Visit from Vietnam

We are happy to announce the visit of students and teachers from Ho Chi Minh conservatory. In collaboration with Transposition 2000 SISU have organized a longer visit to Oslo from our friends and colleagues from Vietnam.

The programme is now set. In addition to participation in SISUs concert at “Parkteateret” 3rd of march, our friends will also participate in a concert tour together with students at the Norwegian academy of music.

They will also participate in workshops and classes with teachers at the academy, and with colleagues in the broadcasting orchestra, The army staff band of Oslo, and the Norwegian opera orchestra.

Our sincere thanks to Nina Hodneland and Geir Johnsen at Transposition 2000, and Rob Waring, Bjørn Løken, Arild Torvik, Birger Mistereggen, Rolf Lennart Stensø and Jonas Blomqvist for being so positive to this project.