What happens winter and spring of 2015!!

SISU group after 22 years

SISU group after 22 years

Winter and spring season 2015 has started. SISU has many activities at the beginning of this year.
Concert performance 3:33:33 by Geir Jonsson will pop up on various ski huts around Oslo this winter.
Composer workshop with composers from New music composer group (NMK) who started the end of 2014, ends in the spring 2015.
Ukmerge percussion festival beginning of March is one of springs highlights.
Spring ends with the opera Adam and Eve by Cecilie Ore. SISU has a very central roll in Adam and Eve and the opera all have premiere during the Festspillene in Bergen with performances 28 and 29 May
SISU s also a part of the DUB Leviathan at festspillene in Bergen. The is a part of a project SISU is collaborating with.

Hope to see you out there!!



Thanks to our friends from Hand percussion for awesome festval in Kuala Lumpur. SISU really enjoy to be a part of the festival. See you soon again.

SISU back from Serbia and concert n Beograd

Happy team!

Happy team!

SISU is back after a brilliant week of work with percussion students from the music faculty Beograd and with students from Stankovics music school. We plan to come back with new projects in the autumn of 2015. Thank you all for a great week!

Preparing for 20 years anniversary concert with the central staff band Oslo.

From rehearsals  with students and the central staff bands percussion players

From rehearsals with students and the central staff bands percussion players

SISU is celebrating our 20 years anniversary this year with concert together with the central staff BandOoslo, and Oslo culture school percussion students And Naadro percussion from Sri Lanka.

With The central staff band we will play Hierphinie V by Y. Taira (J) and Buile by Stig Nordhagen (N)

Photo from Chakra for orchestra and percussion

Photo Lars Igesund

Photo Lars Igesund

Photo from Chakra for orchestra with Norwegian broadcasting orchestra at Ultima festival 2012.

Chakra for orchestra with Norwegian broadcasting orchestra (KORK)

SISU perform a new version of Kevin Volans Chakra for orchestra and percussion trio during Ultima together with Norwegian broadcasting orchestra (KORK), the 12 if september in big studio at NRK Oslo.

Preparing for Ilios festival

SISU will again participate at Ilios festival Harstad. This time we will work together with percussion and flute player from The Armed Forces Band North, and singer from music school in Harstad.
We will perform Drumming and Freidship by Torbjörn Grass (S)

Hanoi New Music Festival

After work in old town of Hanoi

After work in old town of Hanoi

Hanoi New Music Festival concert at youth theater in Hanoi 5 of december.
We play Respons and Phonotopr IV.
Fantastic to be back in Hanoi and meet friends and colleagues.
This time also Thorlf Thuestad join on sound and interactive computer at Phonotope IV. Thank you Thorolf for very good work and creative solutions.

SISU preparing for Hanoi new Music Festival

SISU is preparing for a new Transpostion project, the Hanoi New music festival. This is a premier for our project New meets Old. To masterpieces for percussion and electronics at the same concert. Arne Norheim Repons from 1964 (first version) and Rolf Wallin Phonotope IV (2006), special version for SISU with unique instrument.

SISU on tour again with new school concert SISU on “Safari”

SISU on second round tour with the new school concert SISU on “Safari”.
We will tour from 28 of october until 12 ov november in Akershus fylke close to Oslo.