28th June 2017


tønsberg blad vestfoldfestspillene

Review in Tonsberg newspaper 25/6-17 from SISU opening concert at the Vestfoldfestspillene.

SISU welcomes new member!

13th January 2017

We are extremely happy to welcome Bjørn Christian Svarstad as our newest member. First performance will be at Rob Warings 60th anniversary concert at the Norwegian academy of music in Oslo january 13th.sisiu med bc

SISU and Øyonn at Tamburi Mundi review from Badische zeitung

17th August 2016

After 2 concert and one lecture at Tamburi Mundi 2016 in Freiburg SISU are back on Oslo and immediately start working for New music Mini festival PULS in Oslo 13-14 august.

Here is the review of Runardrum concert with and by Øyonn Groven Myhren from Badische Zeitung.

2016_TM_Badische _Zeitung_5.8_Runartromma

SISU granted support for a new piece by Øyonn Groven Myhren.

22nd April 2016

SISU is granted support for the composer and folk singer  Øyonn Groven Myhren for a new piece for her self and SISU by The Norwegian composer fund. World premier at Tambour Mundi festival Freiburg Germany 5/8-2016.


SISU member granted for a new piece for SISU

30th March 2016

SISU member Tomas Nilsson is granted by the  Norwegian composers’  fund for a new piece for SISU and 5 frame drum soloists. The premier will be at Tamburi Mundi festival Freiburg Germany 5/8-2016.

SISU and cultureschool students at Nordea opening.

12th February 2016

SISU and culture school percussion students  play a new piece special made for the opening of Nordea new head office in Oslo.

SISU USIS school concert

17th October 2015

SISU is soon on the road again in akershus with our new school concert SISU USIS (earlier SISU on safari). Here is short video from the concert.

SISU USIS from DKS Akershus on Vimeo.

Concert at ski hut Ullevålseter and Kobberhaughytta 28 and 29 of march

26th March 2015

Concert performance 3:33:33 by Geir Jonsson will pop up on various ski huts around Oslo this winter

SAIGON november 2014

18th February 2015

Evening masterclass at Sen Hong music center Ho Chi Minh City

Evening masterclass at Sen Hong music center Ho Chi Minh City

After Kuala Lumpur and Kaleidoscope III SISU go to Sagon to continue our work at the academy. Ths time the week started with a masterclass open for anyone where we talked about sound in general.and if t exists god and bad sounds.
In the middle of the week we went to Sen Hong music center for a evening masterclass with some students.
Before the week was ended the students got a min exam with some pieces they have work on during the week.

What happens winter and spring of 2015!!

SISU group after 22 years

SISU group after 22 years

Winter and spring season 2015 has started. SISU has many activities at the beginning of this year.
Concert performance 3:33:33 by Geir Jonsson will pop up on various ski huts around Oslo this winter.
Composer workshop with composers from New music composer group (NMK) who started the end of 2014, ends in the spring 2015.
Ukmerge percussion festival beginning of March is one of springs highlights.
Spring ends with the opera Adam and Eve by Cecilie Ore. SISU has a very central roll in Adam and Eve and the opera all have premiere during the Festspillene in Bergen with performances 28 and 29 May
SISU s also a part of the DUB Leviathan at festspillene in Bergen. The is a part of a project SISU is collaborating with.

Hope to see you out there!!