23rd November 2011

SISU just came home from a visit to Ho Chi Minh City.

After one week of lessons and ensemble rehearsals with the students at the conservatory, we finished with a concert outside the operahouse of Ho Chi Minh City, together with the students and teachers.

The concert consisted of works by;Reich, Karlsson,Høgberg and Rajfeneder.

It was a new experience for us, since the venue was a wide avenue, and the majority of the spectators were hundreds of motorcyclists, gathering in the street. Our first drive-in concert:)


26th October 2011

on 6th of november SISU will perform Drumming by Steve Reich together with students from the Norwegian academy of music.
The concert takes place at Ingesund academy of music, Sweden.

“Drumming” in Stockholm Sweden with Kroumata 18/8 2011 !

23rd August 2011

Till web

from left: Bjoern Skansen (SISU), Ulrik Nilsson (Kroumata), Pontus Langendorf (Kroumata).
(photo: Kjell Nilsson)

A great performance together with the Kroumata ensemble in Stockholm, Steve Reich Drumming was on the evenings program. Some said it was about 4000 people listening! The atmosphere on stage and in the audience was magic!

“A Case of Wood” by KAADA on video for your enjoyment

16th May 2011

Live concert recording of John Erik Kaadas “A Case of Wood” (Piece for Three Flightcases) written especially for SISU and performed at Parkteatret on March 3 2011. Enjoy!


15th April 2011

Tomas, as

Tomas, as “Olav the bachelor”, trying intensely to impress Signe (Silje) with his ferocious mating dance. (Photo: Lars Igesund)

This week rehearsals started for the stage performance of “Signeliti”.
The music is composed by Øyonn G. Myhren, and the coreography is by Indra Lorentzen.

The performance features the dancers Silje Haalien and Sigbjørn Rua from the ensemble “Frikar”, Øyonn on song and lyra, and SISU.

The pre-premiere of the piece takes place at Riksscenen 17th of may.

The premiere takes place at “Jørn Hilme stevnet”, Fagernes, 29th of july.

SISU broadcasted live on the web and radio

6th April 2011

SISU performed yesterday (April 5) live at the office of the Music Information Center (MIC). This perfomance was part of a series of mini concerts arranged by MIC in collaboration with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The concert was broadcasted live on web-TV and radio(NRK P2).

“Live at the office”

5th April 2011

As a part of the concert series “Live at the office”, SISU plays an intimate mini concert at the office of the “Music information center” Tuesday 5th of april 3.30 pm.
The concert series is a collaboration between MIC and the Norwegian broadcasting corporation, and is transmitted live on the national P2 radiostation, and streamed on the corporations web-tv.
To listen or watch, go to the corporations web site, or tune in your radio to P2.

Some kind of diary

31st March 2011

SISU with our friends from HCMC, Vietnam, at Parkteateret, Oslo.
(photo Knut Utler)

SISU with our friends from HCMC, Vietnam, at Parkteateret, Oslo.
(photo Knut Utler)

Two joyful weeks , hosting our friends and colleagues from Ho Chi Minh City conservatory, recently came to an end. The teachers and students had a hectic schedule on their stay in Oslo, and despite the bad weather this time of year, we hope they left Norway with lots of inspiration and good experiences.
Sharing a concert with SISU, and two concerts with students from the Norwegian academy of music, they captivated the audience displaying brilliant musicianship in the pieces ”Kuka” and ”Table music”.

Beside the concerts, the main focus were on workshops and lessons in different areas of percussion.
Workshops were given by: Bjørn Løken(Norwegian Academy of mus.), Jonas Blomqvist (Norwegian opera orchestra), Arild Torvik (Army Staff band of Norway), Birger Mistereggen (Norwegian Radio orchestra).
The students were also given lessons by members of SISU.

Our guests expressed great enthusiasm for the workshops and the sincere generousity shown by the teachers. So thank you to all our friends and colleagues for their good spirit, and for making this a memorable stay for our guests!!

Thanks also to Rolf Lennart Stensø, chief of the Radio orchestra, for giving the guys a ”grand tour” around the broadcasting house, and for having them attend rehearsals with the broadcasting orchestra.

”All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy”, as the saying goes, and the same goes for us. So despite the hectic schedule, time was found for evenings at the Norwegian opera house, where the guys attended two performances.
Tomas also arranged dinner at his house serving the nicest dishes, making everyone feel at home and comfortable. A really memorable evening

One of the highlights for the guys was when familymembers living in Denmark took time off for a stay in Oslo, and attended one of the conerts. Travelling half way around the world only to be met by your family sure feels nice☺

The whole stay was rounded off with a dinner given by Geir Johnson and Nina Hodneland from Transposition. This whole stay, with all its elements would not have been possible without them. Transposition is the organisation that financed everything from hotels to workshops, and Nina did a tremendous job organizing flights, hotels and what not. So Thank you a lot!! Is been a pleasure☺

Visit from Vietnam

24th February 2011

We are happy to announce the visit of students and teachers from Ho Chi Minh conservatory. In collaboration with Transposition 2000 SISU have organized a longer visit to Oslo from our friends and colleagues from Vietnam.

The programme is now set. In addition to participation in SISUs concert at “Parkteateret” 3rd of march, our friends will also participate in a concert tour together with students at the Norwegian academy of music.

They will also participate in workshops and classes with teachers at the academy, and with colleagues in the broadcasting orchestra, The army staff band of Oslo, and the Norwegian opera orchestra.

Our sincere thanks to Nina Hodneland and Geir Johnsen at Transposition 2000, and Rob Waring, Bjørn Løken, Arild Torvik, Birger Mistereggen, Rolf Lennart Stensø and Jonas Blomqvist for being so positive to this project.


The day for the performance of 3.33.33 is closing in.
A hectic rehearsal periode are coming to an end as we thursday 3rd of march will perform the piece “3.33.33” at “Park teateret” in Oslo.
As the whole of Norway now has its focus on the skiing world championships in Oslo, we welcome everyone to our concert for an alternative view on the art of skiing.