Past events


Date: 15th September 2022

Time: 18:00

Location: Kunstnernes Hus, Kino (Oslo)

A performance based on objects and sound, four performers create imagesand actions with objects of metal, wood, plastic, textile, in a choreographic form, the performance is a ”work in progress”.

KJETIL SKØIEN has worked with performance art since the 80´s, SISU is a leading percussion ensemble, who goes into the performance language of Kjetil Skøien without playing their instruments.

Kjell Samkopf Jubilee concert

Date: 29th May 2022

Time: 19:30

Location: Kulturkirken Jakob

Wallin chamber music concert

Date: 30th April 2022

Time: 19:30

Location: Tou Scene, Stavanger

SSO musicians and SISU performing chamber music by Rolf Wallin.

Mountainwave with SSO

Date: 28th April 2022

Time: 19:30

Location: Stavanger konserthus

Rolf Wallins epic Stonewave in version for Percussion trio and orchestra, performed with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

Kjell Mørk Karlsen jubilee concert

Date: 31st March 2022

Time: 19:30

Location: Uranienborg Kirke

Reich:Drumming with NMH

Date: 26th February 2022

Location: Jakobskirken, Oslo

Steve Reich iconic work Drumming performed with students from the Norwegian College of Music, at the Interpuls Festival, Oslo.

nyMusikk/NMK concert

Date: 11th February 2022

Location: Gamle Raadhus, Oslo

Another concert resulting from the cooperation between nyMusikk/NMK composers group and SISU

Sisu Plays Wallin på Parkteatret

Date: 12th December 2021

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location: Parkteatret, Oslo

Releasekonsert: TWINE – SISU plays Rolf Wallins


Date: 25th September 2021

Time: 20:00

Location: Oslo Concert House

SISU with The Norwegion Radio Orchestra, Ultima Festival Oslo. Premiere performance of orchestral version of Stonewave by Rolf Wallin, commissioned by SISU.

Runarslaget, album release

Date: 27th August 2021

Time: 13:00

Location: Konows gate 45

Øyonn Groven Myhren and SISU. Album release with guests and audience