Past events

Concert together with Naadro percussion band from Sri Lanka

Date: 31st October 2013

Location: Ridehuset Oslo Norway

Tour to Serbia,concerts and workshops in Beograd 9-12 october

Date: 8th October 2013

Location: Beograd Serbia

Date: 29th June 2013

Location: Parkteatret Oslo

Drumming by Steve Reich.

Date: 9th May 2013

Location: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

SISU play Drumming by Steve Reich together with teacher and student from the music conservatory i HCMC. The concert is a part of the Transposition project.

SISU plays at “kulturtorget”

Date: 11th April 2013

Location: Kolben Kolbotn Oppegård

Concert at Đương Đại Festival in Ho Chi Minh City

Date: 30th November 2012

Location: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

SISU is working with rehearsals and workshops at conservatory in HCMC from 26th of november and the week end with Concert at Đương Đại Festival in Ho Chi Minh City 1 december.

Date: 28th September 2012

Location: Cracking Bamboo tour in Thailand and Vietnam

SISU is tour again with the Cracking Bamboo project from 29 of septmeber until 12 of october. We start in Bankok Thailand and finished in Saigon Vietnam.


Date: 21st September 2012

Location: Oslo

SISU CITY. Consert in Oslo. Time and place will be announced later.

SISU is soloist with the Norwegian radio orchestra

Date: 13th September 2012

Location: Oslo Norway

Worldpremier with a new piece by Kevin Volans as soloist with Norwegian Radio orchestra (KORK) during the Ultima festival and the conductot is Ingar Bergby.

Cage 100 years celebration

Date: 3rd September 2012

Location: Parkteatret Oslo

SISU will play imaginay landscape nr 1 for piano, china cymbal and 2 record player.