Past events

Workshops concert

Date: 30th June 2018

Location: TBA


Workshop concert after period off working with composers from NMK.

Workshops for composers from NMK

Date: 25th June 2018

Location: Oslo


SISU workshops with composers from NMK Norway 25-30/6 at SISU studio Ekeberg Oslo.

SISU at SISU Bjørn-Christians master recital

Date: 9th June 2018

Time: 16.00

Location: Norwegian academy of music Oslo


SISU performed during the master recital off Bjørn Christian in SISU at Norwegian academy of music Oslo Norway.

World premier! Clear The Saloon

Date: 13th May 2018

Time: 13.00

Location: Parkteatret Solo Norway


World premier of a brand new piece by Geir Jonson. CLEAR THE SALOON. SISU performed together with Siri Torjesen (singer).
Bill t KID

School concerts in Rogaland

Date: 9th April 2018

Location: Rogaland Norway

SISU school concert tour in Rogaland Norway 9-23/4. Program with music by Reich and Waring. The concert is produced by Hallgeir Frydenlund.IMG_4079

3.33.33 at Ullevålseter

Date: 17th March 2018

Time: 13.33

Location: Ullevålseter Oslo


SISU will again perform our legendary piece 3.33.33 By Geir Jonson._DSC4588_DSC4501

School concerts Rogaland

Date: 5th March 2018

Location: Rogaland Norway


SISU school concert tour in Rogaland Norway 5-9/3. Program with music by Reich and Waring. The concert is produced by Hallgeir Frydenlund.IMG_4088

SISU perform at VinteRiss 2018 Østfold Norway

Date: 2nd March 2018

Time: 19.30

Location: Moss Church Norway


SISU perform during vinteRiss festivalen 2018. There will be three world premiers in the concert!
Åse Hedstrøm (N) Crossover, Bjørn Borstad Skjelbred (N) Liquid World: Crystalline. Rob Waring (N/US) Smithereens II.

SISU participate in clinic at Percussion Pluss 2018 Stockholm

Date: 17th February 2018

Time: 14.30

Location: KMH Stockholm Sweden


SISU participating during clinic about ” ensemble after studies” during Percussion Pluss 2018.

SISU concert at PercussionPluss festival Stockholm Sweden

Date: 16th February 2018

Time: 16.00

Location: SMI Sundbyberg Sweden


SISU concert at Percussion Pluss festival 2018. SISU perform Smithereens II (Rob Waring). Sikoté Sukán (Rob Waring). Drumming (part one) (Steve Reich)