Past events

Performance of The Metropolis Experience

Date: 8th September 1999

Location: Stavanger, Norway

Date: 19th May 1999

Location: Blålyd, Blå, Oslo, Norway

Performance of The Metropolis Experience

Date: 10th May 1999

Location: Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

Date: 29th April 1999

Location: Kristiansand Domkirke, Kristiansand, Norway

Performance during Oslo Animation Festival

Date: 27th April 1999

Location: Soria Moria Cinema, Oslo, Norway

Date: 24th April 1999

Location: Nordlyd Festival, Jazzklubben, Trondheim, Norway

Date: 11th March 1999

Location: Hulen, Bergen, Norway

Date: 10th March 1999

Location: Café Opera, Bergen, Norway

Date: 8th March 1999

Location: Agora, Bergen, Norway

Date: 28th January 1999

Location: Ilios Festival, Harstad, Norway