Past events


Date: 11th September 2016

SISU plays at Dyrskun 150 years anniversary show in Seljord Norway. The crown Prince will be attending the show.

SISU concert during New music Oslo mini festival PULS

Date: 13th August 2016

Time: 17.00

Location: SALEN Deicmanske library OSlo



SISU perform during new music Oslo mini festival PULS at Deicmanske library in Oslo. Pieces on the program by, Rolf Wallin, Anders Torgunsrud Røshol, Steinar Yggeseth, Eric Skvtterholm Egan, and a world premier by Kjell Samkopf. SISU will collaborate with Achitek percussion ensemble from Canada on dome pieces during the concert.

SISU at Tamburi mundi

Date: 5th August 2016

Time: 18.00

Location: E-werk Freiburg Germany

SISU and Murat coskum Tamburi Mundi 2012Bilde 11

SISUs second concert during Tambour Mundi we will perform pieces by Rolf Wallin (Stoneware, Twine), World premier of three  new pieces by Øyonn Groven Myhren for  SISU and herself. Tomas Nilsson (SISU) will compose a piece for SISU and five percussion soloists.

Picture  SISU and Murat Coskun,and Sattor Fozilov at SISUs first visit at Tamburi Mundi 2012.

SISU lecture at Tamburi Mundi

Date: 3rd August 2016

Time: 16.00

Location: E-werk Freiburg Germany

skandinavian drum

SISU and Øyonn Groven Myhren will talk about Scandinavian drum tradition.

SISU performs Runartromma in Germany

Date: 3rd August 2016

Time: 20:00

Location: E-werk Freiburg Germany

SISU performs Runartromma (The Magic Drum) by Øyonn Groven Myhren at Tamburi Mundi Festival, Freiburg in Germany 2016. The picture is taken by Knut Utler at the world premiere in 2009.

Event for Kongsberg Group (carrot productions).

Date: 18th June 2016

Location: Kongsberg


Event in Kongsberg. SISU quartet with Teodor Berg.

SISU workshop concert

Date: 14th May 2016

Time: TBA

Location: Eivind Grovens orgelhus OSlo


Workshop concert with music by composers from NMK composer group. SISU will perform and together with the composers talk about the work with the pieces.


SISU and NMK composer group Oslo

Date: 9th May 2016

Time: From 9/5 - 13/5


Workshop week with different composers from NMK composer group. SISU will work with new compositions from several composers.


Date: 26th April 2016

Time: 16.00-21.00

SISU play and on a event in Oslo. Arild Torvik is  stand in for Bjørn.

SISU performs 3.33.33 at Kobberhaughytta, Oslo

Date: 13th March 2016

Time: 12.30 and 14.00

Location: Kobberhaughytta

Plakat konserter i skistuene 2016

SISU performs 3.33.33 by Geir Jonson (Norway) at Kobberhaughytta in Oslo