SISU percussion ensemble, established 1993, is one of Scandinavia’s most prominent contemporary music ensembles. SISU perform contemporary music of the highest quality, written for SISU by composers from Norway and from abroad.

SISU’s repertoire shows an impressive width. Combining sofistication and a no-nonsense approach to music SISU exhibits an unquestionable joy of performing whether it is classical contemporary music or works with pop cultural references.


SISU is an artistic driving force recognized for its unique musical aesthetics, developed through an open and exploratory attitude towards every musical challenge. On stage SISU delivers shows that leave a lasting impression. By incorporating collaborations with performance and visual artists SISU turns a traditional concert into a total audiovisual experience.

Complaining about the lack of good tunes at a concert of contemporary music is like going to a restaurant and complaining that the steak isn’t sweet enough. One of the best aspects of the music is its ability to lead us from the beaten track to new experiences. If you’re happy with musical meatballs, stay home. If you’d rather be tempted by a musical sushi, taco or tandoori, come to a SISU concert. – Composer Rolf Wallin