In addition to performing existing compositions and works commissioned for others with SISU as soloists, SISU have received and performed commissioned works by renowned Norwegian and international composers.

John Persen: Kanon
Håkon Berge: Nanawatai
Bugge Wesseltoft: Liten lek
Örjan Högberg: Out of Delusion, Dual Life, Graze the Craze, Freedomclash Dance
Henrik Hellstenius: Fem avtrykk av tiden II
Atli Ingolfsson: Donic Vesper
Cecilie Ore: Ictus
Stig Nordhagen: Buile (for three percussionists and corps)
Rob Waring: Sikoté Sukán, Smithereens II
Brøndbo/Mjøs: Automatic Slims
Kevin Volans: Shakra, Shakra for orchestra and 3 percussion soloist
Anders Vinjar: Plus Minus
Glenn Erik Haugland: Sjokolyder, Lyd og land, Statements from Maldoror 1-5, Hot potato, Svart Metall / Black Metal (for three percussion soloist and Sinfonietta)
Mark Adderley: Alarm
Jon Øyvind Ness: Gist
Torbjørn Grass: Frienship – a concert about the art of being a friend
Wallin Rolf: Phonotope 4 (for percussion and live-electronik)
Tomas Nilsson: DUNK!!!, No illusion, Frames, SISU USIS
Per Martinsen Tomas Nilsson: Grave musik
Jon Erik Kaada: Case of wood
Geir Johnson: 3.33.33
Le Thanh Xuan: Chiên Tranh (War)
Åse Hedstrøm: Crossover
Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred: Liquid World
Petter Haukås: Shift

General repertoire (excerpts):
Nicholas A Huber: Clash music
Edgar Varese: Ionisation (for 6 percussionists, arr Tomas Nilsson)
Russel Peck: Lift Off
Yannis Xennakis: Okho
Yannis Xennakis: Persephassa
Rolf Wallin: Stonewave, Frap, Manifest (a chamber opera), Scratch, Twine, Too Much of a Good Thing, Purge (version for 3 percussionists)
Toru Takemitsu: Raintree
Minoru Miki: Marimba spiritual
John Cage: Amores, Trio, Inlets, Imaginary Landscape no. 1, Forever and Soundsmell, Fielding Sixes, Birdcage
Cage/Harrison: Double Music
Sven David Sandström: Emperor Jones (a chamber opera)
SISU/Barabass/Raw/Lang: The Metropolis Experience
Kjell Samkopf: Ingoma, Sort Vase (a dance performance)
SISU: Cave, music for Brage awards
Anders Brødsgaard: A Prophecy
Glenn Erik Haugland: Aldri si aldri
Olav Anton Thommesen: Maldoror
Mauricio Kagel: Con Voce
Yoshihisa Taira: Hièrophonie V
Poul Rouders: Regime
Ørjan Høgberg : _Beautiful one_HIFI_
Steve Reich: Clapping music, Drumming
Øyonn Groven Myhren: Runartromma, Signeliti og Gullmon
Ernst Toch: Geographical fugue
Synne Skouen: Pocket music for percussion
Cecilie Ore: Adam & Eve